Saint Elizabeth is excited to take Canadian health care to the next level by paving the way for smoother transitions between hospital and home. As a leader in integrated community-based models and bundled care, we work collaboratively with hospital partners across the country to reduce patient readmissions, visits to the emergency department and in-hospital recovery time, while improving patient outcomes and satisfaction. 

Building on our track record of performance, nursing clinical excellence and proven technology leadership, our goal is to support people to live at home for as long as possible within a strong framework of value and results.

One of the ways we make this possible is through our virtual care centre, which is staffed by highly skilled nurses and features the latest in remote monitoring systems. Other features that make our services unique include:

Integrated Funding Models

Integrated models are an exciting change strategy aimed at improving the value of care for both the patient and the health care system. Leveraging the strength of community partnerships, these models bundle all accountability and funding from the patient’s hospital stay through any care required at home post-discharge, supporting a seamless patient journey.

Saint Elizabeth works closely with hospital and community partners to design, implement and evaluate a range of integrated, person-centred models of care.

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Alternate Level of Care (ALC)

Saint Elizabeth works collaboratively with hospitals and health regions to unravel and better understand the monumental challenges of ALC. Recent projects have resulted in actionable strategies to improve patient flow, ensure the most appropriate discharge plans and destinations, alleviate ER pressures, address systemic barriers and strengthen capacity across the continuum of care.

Despite a growing appreciation of Home First and Senior Friendly Hospital philosophies, there is often a strong cultural bias towards keeping seniors safe through institutionalization. With more than a century of experience, Saint Elizabeth brings a profound understanding of the types of clients and care that can be safely supported in the community setting.

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Emergency Department Diversion

A number of defined populations tend to visit hospital emergency departments (EDs) frequently and often unnecessarily. In many cases, people reach a crisis or near crisis situation because they lack awareness of, or access to, more appropriate community-based services.

Saint Elizabeth works in partnership with hospitals and community services to design programs and interventions aimed at diverting repeat ED visits and avoidable hospital admissions for vulnerable populations, while improving wait times and access to appropriate care.

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