Hospital Rehab Partnership

Saint Elizabeth and Mackenzie Health (formerly York Central Hospital) have partnered to bring high quality rehab services for inpatient and outpatient programs at the community hospital located in Richmond Hill. The partnership works to improve outcomes for patients in the high traffic facility which receives over 1,200 new rehab referrals each month. In 2012-2013 fiscal year, there were 44,000 inpatient rehab attendances and 16,000 outpatient visits.

An Innovative Model of Care

Saint Elizabeth operates and manages rehab services to 10 inpatient programs and seven ambulatory clinics. Programs serviced include Emergency, ICU, Medicine, General and Orthopaedic Surgery, Mental Health, Peadiatrics, Integrated Stroke Unit and Complex Continuing Care. Ambulatory Clinics include Hands, Plastics, Fracture, Cardiac Wellness, Orthopaedic and Arthritis.

Our team of close to 90 staff includes practice leaders, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, kinesiologists, athletic therapists, therapy assistants and administrative support. Our model of care optimizes the use of highly qualified and specialized Therapy Assistants to provide hands on therapy while effectively utilizing registered therapists to focus their expertise on assessment, discharge and more complex therapeutic interventions.


Our model of care ensures patients receive a high level of personalized care and treatment. The model maximizes the therapists’ time and enables therapy assistants to provide ongoing therapy based on patient treatment plans. Within six months of operations, results have shown elevated Case Mix Index (CMI), decreased Length of Stay (LOS), optimal functional outcomes and increased patient satisfaction with rehab services. Saint Elizabeth is providing good value for Mackenzie Health.

For more information on how Saint Elizabeth can partner with your organization, contact:

Shelby Fisch:, 905.883.1212 ext. 7745 or
Christina Lord:, 905.630.7729.

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