About the research centre

Saint Elizabeth has made a strategic commitment to research – $12 million over 12 years. At the Saint Elizabeth Research Centre, we study the needs of people, their caregivers, and health care providers to develop innovative solutions to improve health and care experiences across the continuum/more effective approaches to care. We work on innovative solutions for tough problems. We see possibilities everywhere.

Our Team

For general inquiries, please contact  research@saintelizabeth.com

Director, Saint Elizabeth Research Centre
Paul Holyoke, PhD paulholyoke@saintelizabeth.com

Manager, Research Operations
Justine Giosa, MSc, PhD(c) justinegiosa@saintelizabeth.com

Senior Research Administrative Assistant
Jessie Leitao, jessieleitao@saintelizabeth.com

Lee-Anne Beckett, MSc leeannebeckett@saintelizabeth.com
Danielle Bender, MA daniellebender@saintelizabeth.com
Grace Lui, MSc kaiyanlui@saintelizabeth.com
Karen Oikonen, MDes karenoikonen@saintelizabeth.com
Katherine Rizzi, MHIS katherinerizzi@saintelizabeth.com
Sandra Tudge, MSW sandratudge@saintelizabeth.com

Postdoctoral Fellows
Dr. Zahra Bagheri, University Health Network
Emily King, University Health Network/University of Waterloo
Dr. Marina Wasilewski, University of Toronto & Saint Elizabeth Research Centre
Dr. Margaret Saari, Saint Elizabeth Research Centre & University of Waterloo

Our priority areas of research

Person and family centred care
Care to meet person and family needs first

Support for caregivers to stay well

Integrated care & transitions
Communication, coordination, collaboration

End of life care
End of life care to meet people’s needs

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