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Bringing Person- and Family-Centred Care Alive and Home, Community and Long-Term Care Organization

Abstract: It is now more important than ever for person- and family-centred care (PFCC) to be at the forefront of program and service design and delivery yet to date there has been very little guidance available to assist home, community and LTC organizations to operationalize this concept and overcome inherent challenges. This article provides a list of practical strategies for healthcare leaders to promote and support a culture shift toward PFCC in their organizations and identifies and addresses five common concerns. The unique opportunities and challenges for practicing PFCC in home, community and LTC settings are also discussed.

Full reference: Bender D & Holyoke P. (2016). Bringing Person- and Family-Centred Care Alive in Home, Community and Long-Term Care Organizations. Healthcare Quarterly, 19(1): 70-75.

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Shifting organizational culture toward clients and families

in Accreditation Canada's Quality Matters: Client and Family Centred Care. 
See page 30.

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