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PFCC Implementation Toolkits

After six years of research supported by Health Canada and the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, Saint Elizabeth partnered with the Alzheimer Society of Canada to develop, deliver and evaluate a Person and Family-Centred Care (PFCC) education program for direct care providers, support staff and management in seven pilot sites across Canada.

To support organizations in achieving excellence in the provision of Person and Family-Centred Care, we developed “A Guide for Implementing PFCC Education across Health Care Organizations” available in both English and French. In this guide we share: 

  • Our approach to PFCC education and what we learned at each stage of the process, including checklists of key considerations 
  • Detailed evaluation findings 
  • Challenges to practicing PFCC identified by participants 
  • Strategies to address these obstacles and support sustainability
  • A comprehensive approach to PFCC for health care organizations

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Executive Summary

More information about implementing Person and Family-Centred Care (PFCC) education is available in an earlier toolkit we developed after piloting PFCC education workshops with unregulated care providers in home, community and long-term care settings. To access it please click here.

For more help with PFCC implementation, please see Navigating Your PFCC Journey.

PFCC Research and Related Resources

Interested in learning about how others are implementing PFCC and engaging with patients and caregivers? Would you like to share your organization’s PFCC experiences and problem-solve with others implementing PFCC initiatives!

Click here to visit the PFCC Community of Practice to talk about all things related to PFCC and share valuable resources!

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