Leadership and Staff Development


We offer a variety of workshops for leaders, regulated and unregulated providers, community support workers, and staff across your organization. Workshops and packages can be tailored to your specifications, time and cost constraints.

A series of workshops may be offered over a specified time period. Participants are encouraged to test out and reflect upon different approaches in their organization in between sessions.

All workshops are interactive in nature. The workshops include a variety of discussion questions, videos, role play activities and case studies to promote reflection and sharing.

Below is a description of the types of workshops we can provide:

Type of workshop Description of Content
Leadership workshops

Senior leaders, Corporate leaders, supervisors, managers
  • Overview of PFCC and its benefits
  • What PFCC organizations look like
  • Leaders role in promoting and supporting a PFCC approach
  • Taking a PFCC approach with staff
  • PFCC implementation strategies
  • Addressing barriers to culture change
  • Developing action plans for the organization
Provider workshops

Regulated and unregulated care providers, community support workers, support staff

  • Overview of PFCC education - purpose, goals, time lines
  • Run-through of workshop material they will deliver to direct care/support staff
  • Adult learning principles
  • All materials for provider workshops
Train-the-trainer workshops

As an alternative to the provider workshops we can train your staff to provide education to direct care and support staff
  • Person and family centred care overview
  • Respecting preferences, choices and expertise
  • Effective communication
  • Partnering with patients and families
  • Maintaining professional boundaries
  • Supporting one another to continue to use PFCC approaches
Workshop package
  • Leadership and train-the-trainer workshops (as described above)
  • All materials for provider workshops

For more information please contact us at sepfccinstitute@saintelizabeth.com or call 1-844-888-7322

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