Consulting Services



   We will work with you to put together a package of consulting services 
   to suit your needs, time lines, and budget.

   We begin with an in-depth needs assessment and then work with you
   to design a solution that is flexible enough to meet the unique needs
   of your organization.


Needs-Assessment-(1).png DETAILED NEEDS ASSESSMENT
Our consultants will take you through a detailed assessment of your organization to see where you have already achieved some PFCC objectives and where there is need for improvement.

Our 10 PFCC domains are aligned to Accreditation Standards and will help you meet these standards, align with provincial legislation and strategic direction, and meet your organizational PFCC goals.  
Our consultants will help you set goals, objectives and time lines. We will provide guidance on how to include PFCC in your vision/mission/strategy, questions to ask during hiring, setting targets, and process changes.

We can also facilitate implementation of your PFCC plan. We provide project management, change management and coaching to enable culture shift, ensure targets and standards are being met.
Our consultants will plan and help implement client engagement activities and processes to partner with clients and families in organizational planning (e.g. program/ service design, delivery, evaluation).
Our consultants will develop a customized evaluation plan and/or carry out an independent evaluation, identifying strengths and areas requiring improvement.
Our consultants will develop a quality improvement plan based on evaluation, develop appropriate baseline measures and evaluation metrics, facilitate improvements and change management.

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