Diabetes Care

Over three million Canadians have diabetes and this number is expected to reach 3.7 million by 2020 (Canadian Diabetes Association, 2010).

What is diabetes care?

Most people who receive home and community care for diabetes are:

  • Newly diagnosed: Includes people who need health education and/or monitoring, those who are adjusting to a newer technology like the insulin pump, and children attending school.
  • Self-managing but needing some help: Includes regular foot care , nutrition support, medication management, and helping people who are aging (often with multiple health conditions) and need more help managing their day-to-day diabetes care.
  • People who have developed long-term diabetes complications: Includes people with vision loss, neuropathy (often causing pain and numbness in hands and feet), delayed surgical wound healing, diabetic foot ulcers, stroke, or chronic kidney disease.

Receiving care in your home and community

Managing your own, or a loved one's, diabetes can feel overwhelming - especially in the beginning or if you run into complications. Our diabetes care team includes:

Nurses who provide at-home care. During a visit to your home, a nurse will assess your needs as they relate to diabetes and any other conditions you may have (such as high blood pressure), provide general monitoring of blood glucose and the delivery of insulin in situations where individuals need help to manage this critical part of their care. Nurses also provide education and support on topics such as nutrition, exercise, and making healthy lifestyle choices.

Certified Diabetes Educators (CDE), who are health professionals with specialized knowledge in diabetes care and education, and who have passed the Canadian Diabetes Educator's Certification Board (CDECB) exam.

Diabetes resource nurses, nurses with additional knowledge and skill in diabetes care, education, and management.

Personal support workers (or community health workers) who can provide personal care, such as bathing, dressing, or assistance with meals.

Registered dietitians who can assess a person's diet, develop customized meal plans and menus, and educate individuals and families on the implementation of these plans.

School health support teams, who help monitor, manage diabetes, and provide self-management support for students with diabetes at school.

Social workers who support families in working through the emotions and life changes associated with diabetes by providing coping and stress management strategies.

Wound care nurses who help care for diabetic foot ulcers, skin infections and other wounds. Wound care specialists also help prevent complications from wounds and assist with neuropathy (decreased blood flow, pain and/or numbness in their hands and feet).

How we can help

We deliver diabetes care and management services to children, adults and seniors, with an emphasis on health and wellness. Our services are provided in homes, schools, places of work, group and community residences. We can help with:

  • General monitoring of blood glucose and the delivery of insulin and/or other medications in situations where people need help to manage this critical part of their care.
  • Providing education and support on topics such as self-monitoring blood sugar, nutrition, exercise, medications and making healthy lifestyle choice.
  • Supporting individuals and families to understand and effectively self-manage diabetes.
  • Clinical nursing services for complications associated with diabetes, such as foot ulcers, vision loss, neuropathy and wounds (link to: Wound care page).

Am I covered?

We understand that every client and family has unique care needs. Individual services are available or multiple services can be combined depending on needs. We provide service through private insurance plans; on a fee-for-service basis; and, you can speak to your doctor about how to arrange care through your provincial health plan or local health authority. We are also a recognized provider through Veterans Affairs Canada.

When is service available?

Our services are flexible, convenient and customized you meet your needs and schedule.

Contact us for care

If you or someone you love has long or short-term health care needs, you do have the option of receiving care in your home. For answers to your questions about home care, or to learn more about how Saint Elizabeth can help meet your needs, call 1-855-275-3549 or contact us.

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