Cancer Care

What is cancer care?

Saint Elizabeth provides support and services to patients and families living with a cancer diagnosis, in their homes. Our care is based on best clinical practices and evidence.

Receiving care in your home

We work in collaboration with patients and families to deliver care best suited to your needs, including:

  • Pain and symptom management resulting from cancer treatments, such as chronic nausea, hydration therapy, administering medications and central line care
  • Home support
  • Personal support
  • Post-surgical wound care
  • Palliative Care support

How we can help

Our team of health professionals provides services, monitoring and support for living with cancer that are closer to home and with a focus on physical and emotional comfort.

Am I covered?

We understand that every client and family has unique care needs. Individual services are available or multiple services can be combined depending on needs. We provide service through private insurance plans; on a fee-for-service basis; and, you can speak to your doctor about how to arrange care through your provincial health plan or local health authority. We are also a recognized provider through Veterans Affairs Canada.

When are services available?

Our services are flexible, convenient and customized to meet your needs and schedule. Nursing, personal support, rehabilitation services and companionship can be arranged 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Contact us for care

To learn more about Saint Elizabeth's cancer care services, or how we can help to meet your needs, please call 1-855-275-3549 or contact us

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