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First Nations, Inuit and Métis Program Newsletter


Spring is here and the First Nations, Inuit and Métis Program (the Program) has a lot of exciting news to share about the following:

  • Our New Team
  • Vocational Training and Customized Education Opportunities
  • Program Survey Results
  • New On-line Courses Available on @YourSide Colleague®
  • Interactive Map on our Website
Our New Team

The Program is thrilled to share the news of our new team. Within the Program we have a new Education Lead, First Nations Program Instructors, and an Education Coordinator. Together these new roles are leading new opportunities across the country for vocational training in partnership with SE's Health Career Colleges.

Front row L to R: Melissa Spence: Program Manager, Michelle Monkman: First Nations Program Instructor, Elaine Kraeker: Education Coordinator
Back row L to R: Doris Warner: Engagement Liaison, Tracy Scott: Director of Education Services, Erin Funk: First Nations Program Instructor, Daniel Wiebe: Education Lead, Suzanne Stephenson: Engagement Liaison, Charlene Frechette: First Nations Program Instructor

Vocational Training and Customized Education Opportunities

Through this partnership we are now offering vocational training developed with and for community based healthcare workers and delivered by Indigenous Registered Nurses. We are currently offering Blended Delivery Indigenous Health Care Aide (HCA) and Personal Support Worker (PSW) training and Blended Delivery Indigenous Community Health Representative (CHR) training across Canada. These trainings are available to groups and are accredited and recognized college programs.

We also have a unique capability to transfer our expertise through internal customized education development.

Our Health Career Colleges are a network of regulated and registered not-for-profit vocational schools in British Columbia and Ontario that focus exclusively on health education. The colleges are led by SE experts and leaders in health care, community health, adult education, and culturally safe care. Our goal is to impart upon students cutting edge health knowledge, skills, and competencies, which enable them to provide exceptional client experiences and to create positive working environments. All of our colleges meet or exceed provincial regulations for regulated colleges.

To learn more about customized education opportunities please contact:

Daniel Wiebe, RN MBA, Education Lead, SE First Nations, Inuit and Métis Program
T: 204.228.8178 or via email at
For further information about the colleges please visit:

The first cohort of CHRs graduated in Manitoba on February 23, 2018.

Program Survey Results

We would like to thank everyone who participated in our on-line survey about the Program. Here is a snapshot of what we learned:

New On-line Courses Available on @YourSide Colleague®

For close to 20 years we have supported virtual education of health care providers in communities. We provide access, at no cost, to 14 on-line courses, to over 3400 health care providers from over 620 communities and organizations. Our on-line course platform @YourSide Colleague® has been recognized as a model for supporting culturally safe care and last year alone community health care providers spent over 40,000 hours learning in @YourSide Colleague®. We are excited that some of our courses are now being mandated as professional development in some Indigenous organizations.

You may have seen the recent e-blast about our new look on @YourSide Colleague®. If not, please click here.

Newly launched courses include:

  • First Nations Cardiac Care
The @YourSide Colleague® First Nations Cardiac Care Course provides health care providers in First Nation communities with a comprehensive understanding of cardiovascular disease, including risk factors, chronic disease prevention, diagnostic tests, management and treatment options and self-management. After taking this course, learners will be able to promote cardiovascular health and deliver evidence based culturally sensitive care related to cardiovascular disease.

  • Infection Prevention and Control
This course was created in partnership with the Northern Inter-Tribal Health Authority (NITHA) with support from Health Canada- Saskatchewan Region.
Infection prevention and control is a key component of providing safe quality care in any setting. This course was developed with and for First Nations care providers to be used as a resource for the orientation of new staff and ongoing professional development.  The course provides education content on the basics of infection prevention and control.

  • Privacy and Health Information Security
 The First Nations Privacy of Health Information and Security (PHIS) course helps to identify and apply privacy and security principles and practices for the purpose of protecting and enabling sharing of health information. The course was launched in Saskatchewan in July, 2017, and nationally in January, 2018.
Other courses available:

  • First Nations Cancer Care
  • First Nations Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Care
  • First Nations Diabetes Circle of Care
  • First Nations Elder Care
  • First Nations Supporting Natural Caregivers
  • First Nations and Inuit Home and Community Care Program Orientation (Manitoba)
  • Palliative Care
  • Personal Support Worker Professional Development
  • The Benefits of Physical Activity for FNIM Communities
  • Trauma Informed Relationships: Building Safety and Trust
  • Wound Management
Interactive Map on Our Website

Visit our website to see our new interactive map that highlights our Program impact across Canada. The map includes easy-to-use dropdown menus and a zooming feature.

Check it out here.

Please note: the interactive map is best viewed in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Interactive Map

If you have questions about any of these news items, please contact:

Suzanne Stephenson
1.800.463.1763, Ext. 142971