How often do you visit elderly family members? Frequent visits are vital support for Canadians to live and age well in their homes. Saint Elizabeth can help, especially when other family commitments, work and distance are challenges.

Tyze Personal Networks

When someone needs help, a Tyze network can give you space to care

Our health care professionals, through 100+ years of caring for our clients, have seen, first-hand, the role that family caregivers, friends and neighbours play in supporting loved ones. That’s why we’ve partnered with Tyze.
Tyze is an online tool that brings people together around someone receiving care – whether it’s an elderly parent or a child with special needs. We are providing access to Tyze free-of-charge as a valuable resource for caregivers.

If you’re helping to care for someone, chances are you could use a hand. Tyze is a simple way to get organized and keep everyone informed.

  • Save time: Send updates to everyone at once from anywhere.
  • Get organized: Keep track of everything in one place. Home care appointments, doctor visits, medication lists and documents can be easily stored and accessed.
  • Reduce stress: Share the care – easily let family and friends know how to help.
  • Stay connected: Share news, stories and photos.
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How does it work?

Posting stories, updates and photos on the CareWall keeps everyone informed.

Store important files and documents for safekeeping.

Schedule events like home care visits and doctor appointments in the handy calendar.

Keep everyone in the loop when you need to send important messages.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I get started?

Saint Elizabeth makes it easy for you to start your Tyze network. Create a network today!

Is my information safe?

The Tyze network is private and secure. Only members of your personal network have access to your information. In addition, you have control over the information and may delete any of your content at any time.

How much does it cost?

Saint Elizabeth is bringing this service to you free-of-charge.

Is there any cost to friends and family that I invite to my network?


Through meaningful partnerships with organizations such as Tyze, Saint Elizabeth continues to make strides to better the lives of clients and their families. Start your Tyze network today for a space to care.

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