Self Audit Tool

This self-audit tool provides an opportunity for caregiver education and support program providers to become more familiar with the promising practices and indicators and assess which of the indicators their program is currently meeting. With this, programs will be able to identify areas where their program can potentially be improved, perhaps through partnership with other programs.

By clicking on the [?] link beside each indicator, you can learn more about what caregivers told us about each of the indicators.

Once you have completed the self-audit tool, you will have the opportunity to print or e-mail yourself the results, as well as the option to share your results and information about your program/organization with us so that we can include you in our repository of caregiver education and support programs.

Does your program...

#1 Respond to the Unique Care Situation

Ask caregivers what they need and tailor services & content accordingly:more info
Consider the relationship between the caregiver and the care recipient:more info
Include strategies to address family dynamics and roles:more info
Consider the influence of gender:more info
Recognize cultural influences:more info

#2 Stimulate Caregiver Involvement and Interest

Foster networking among caregives:more info
Make connections to community services:more info
Offer online interactive program supports:more info
Help caregivers apply knowledge and skills:more info

#3 Address the emotional needs of caregiving

Reinforce that caregivers need to care for themselves:more info
Recognize the different emotional stages of caregiving:more info
Affirm caregiver competence and confidence:more info
Encourage caregivers to consider their positive experiences:more info

#4 Provide Relevant Information

Educate caregivers about how the system works:more info
Provide practical strategies for caring:more info
Address informational needs over time:more info

#5 Enable Caregiver Pariticpation

Arrange for respite if needed:more info
Arrange for transportation if needed:more info
Make the program convenient:more info
Provide a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere:more info
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