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Student Centre

Are you a nursing student looking for a flexible and supportive learning environment? You can achieve this and so much more with rewarding and dynamic opportunities at Saint Elizabeth Health Care.

Learning opportunities at Saint Elizabeth may include health assessments, development of care plans, client teaching and health promotion within the context of therapeutic relationships and collaboration with clients in all aspects of their care.

We Offer:

  • A dynamic learning experience with the opportunity to gain experience in the following areas of practice:
    • rehabilitation
    • seniors care
    • diabetes care
    • wound care
    • palliative care
    • home infusion
    • home dialysis
    • respiratory and cardiac care
    • mental health
    • paediatrics
    • maternal-newborn care
  • Opportunity to focus your clinical placement in one area of practice
  • One-to-one mentorship with an experienced nurse
  • Online access to @YourSide Colleague®, our e-learning program
  • Evaluation of placement based on student's learning goals
  • Opportunities to participate in a variety of projects including implementing best practices, developing educational in-services and materials for nurses and families, and research projects.
  • Opportunity for final year students to provide client care, shadowed by a mentor/preceptor, following demonstration of knowledge, skills and judgment, and in consultation with the student's mentor/preceptor and faculty advisor.
  • Potential to be hired for future job opportunities in the placement location or other locations across Ontario.

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