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At Saint Elizabeth, innovation and leadership are not the responsibility of only one person. Collaboration and a drive for better ways of working and providing care mean that brilliant ideas happen everywhere, and everyone has an opportunity to shine.

We would like to introduce you to just a few of our many dedicated people of Saint Elizabeth:

Glen Chenard

RN BHSc CDE® CCHN(C) CVAA(C) CHPCN(C), Advanced Practice Consultant – Chronic Disease Management

Glen has been with Saint Elizabeth since 2000. Now as an Advanced Practice Consultant – Chronic Disease Management, he was recognized in 2012 with the Roche Diagnostics Public Service and Education Award and was part of the group recognized with the Practical Diabetes Education Award from the Canadian Diabetes Association.

“Although I have worked as an RN for a number of years in various practice settings, I feel that I have grown the most as a professional in my time with Saint Elizabeth. With the support of my managers and colleagues, I have been able to expand my knowledge base, move forward with my career, and enhance my professional practice as an RN.”

Lynn Park

Regional Director, Central East

Lynn began working for Saint Elizabeth as a visiting nurse, after seeing a posting advertised in the newspaper in 1997. Lynn was quickly promoted to the supportive care supervisor position, followed by the health services supervisor role, service delivery centre manager, and now regional director.

"Working with SEHC has been an amazing experience. Fortunate for me this organization grants me the opportunity to do what I love - working with people with the prospect of making a difference. What I value most about Saint Elizabeth is the leadership, education and support I have received, which have been instrumental to both my professional and personal development".

Anwar Nathaniel

Personal Support Worker

Anwar joined Saint Elizabeth in December 2001 after meeting a Saint Elizabeth nurse while he was working for another agency. The nurse encouraged Anwar to consider Saint Elizabeth and since then he hasn't looked back!

Anwar works as a personal support worker, is a member of Staff Association, and has also taken part in many new projects and initiatives including our 100th anniversary events in 2008. "I find there is good communication, good support systems and mutual respect within Saint Elizabeth Heath Care. The friendly atmosphere is through the whole organization."

People come to work for Saint Elizabeth because they believe in making a difference in our communities. Saint Elizabeth staff are also active in making a difference outside of the organization. Here are two examples of Saint Elizabeth staff going the extra mile to make a difference.

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