Speech-Language Pathology Recognition Week at Saint Elizabeth

Enhancing Person and Family-Centered Care

Providing person and family-centered care (PFCC) is a primary focus at Saint Elizabeth and contributes to a positive overall experience. Communication is a vital part of the therapeutic relationship, and an important component of PFCC. We deliver our health care services using verbal communication, so communication problems will interfere with our service delivery. How do we ensure that our clients feel competent and respected, understand us and are able to express themselves, despite having some form of a communication difficulty?

Consider that:

  • One in six Canadians has a speech, language or hearing problem.
  • There are many non-English speakers in our multicultural society.
  • For those who have difficulty communicating, everyday interactions can pose significant challenges.

Last month, a Speech-Language Pathology initiative at Saint Elizabeth gave our therapists in all disciplines and across our organization an opportunity to learn ‘supported conversation techniques’ (SCA™). The mission was to strengthen our collective skills when communicating with people who have communication difficulties and who ‘know more than they can say’, which is a model adopted from the Aphasia Institute in Toronto, Ontario. Our successful outcome was that 258 of our Saint Elizabeth therapists and therapy assistants were trained.

What are the benefits of ‘supported conversation skills’ training? Supported conversation skills:

  • Makes us a ‘language- friendly’ organization
  • Helps us to meet the new communication accessibility standards of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act
  • Builds our capacity to provide effective person and family-centred care.

Speech-Language and Audiology Canada (SAC) dedicates the month of May to recognize the role that Speech Language Pathologists and associates play in helping people to “Speak well. Hear well. Live well”.

Congratulations to our dedicated Saint Elizabeth Team of Speech-Language Pathologists and Communication Disorders Assistants who provide such vital and excellent work to enhance the quality of life for so many! Thank you for using your communication skills to spread hope and happiness to thousands of people across Canada each day.

Click here to watch MPP Bill Walker read a statement in the Legislature recognizing Speech & Hearing Month and the efforts of OSLA’s members to promote communication in Ontario.

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