Celebrating Physiotherapy in May!

During the month of May, Physiotherapists across the country come together in celebration of National Physiotherapy Month (NPM)! At Saint Elizabeth, our excellent, hardworking physiotherapists are recognized during the week of May 15th-19th. This year, the theme for NPM is on Healthy Aging.

Healthy Aging is the core of what our physiotherapists do in the homecare community. Physiotherapists are pivotal in the rehabilitation scene in helping seniors lead a long, active, healthy life by taking a multi-faceted approach to care.

We can provide the skills and knowledge to help:

  • A senior regain confidence to live independently again following a fall
  • A stroke survivor relearn how to walk to the mailbox
  • Persons with COPD breathe better when going out shopping
  • Manage chronic pain and how to participate in activities one would enjoy again
  • Improve the conditioning of an individual after heart surgery to get back on the golf course
  • … and many more!

We are more than the “exercise person”- our physiotherapists at Saint Elizabeth play many roles:

We are...

We impart knowledge to our clients, families, and caregivers to give them a thorough understanding of their condition and how to best work towards achieving their goals.

We become the cheering squad for clients to encourage them work with us to maximize their potential.

We support providing high-quality care to our clients and will continue to advocate on their behalf in the ever-changing healthcare landscape

We provide mentorship to physiotherapy students who will become our future colleagues in the profession

We are highly trained in the means of diagnosing and treating impairment and disability, with a focus on physical conditions and movement.

Clients that receive physiotherapy services see many benefits such as an increase in quality of life and a reduction in hospital re-admissions. Out of all these benefits, the most important one is that our clients become more empowered in leading an active, healthy life.

We thank our physiotherapists for all the hard work they do at SE and for our clients!

To learn more about Health Aging and how “Physio can help” please visit: http://physiocanhelp.ca/

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