Celebrating Social Workers Week

The week of March 6th-10th is Social Workers Week at Saint Elizabeth.

This year’s theme is: "Social Workers: Real Expertise. Real Life. Real Impact.”

This is a perfect theme that reflects the work of our social work team here at Saint Elizabeth. As experts in the social determinants of health, we recognize that ‘real life’ can be an obstacle to healing and recovery.  We know that a person is unable to direct all of their inner resources toward their own healing, their own health, without having the conditions of their life and relationships addressed.

By working within the framework of the determinants of health, social workers make the necessary links between the physical, social, emotional and economic impacts of health.

While most home healthcare workers are well aware of these social determinants of health, as we all witness them in the world of home healthcare, it is the specific role of social workers to lessen the impact of these factors, or in the words of this year’s theme, to have a ‘real impact’ by bringing ‘real expertise’ to the homes of clients and their family members. The interventions are often multi-faceted, and can range from:

  • Advocacy
  • Resource linkage (housing and finances and community supports)
  • Safety planning (especially when there is abuse)
  • Provision of information and education regarding legal and financial matters
  • Provision of coping skills and self-management of stress
  • Crisis intervention and/or counseling to address adjustment issues, mental health issues or relationship/familial conflict

Social workers are valuable members of the home healthcare team and are known to be excellent interdisciplinary team players. Consider referring a social worker when you suspect that social, psychological, and economic factors are affecting the ability of client and their family members to manage their health and wellbeing.

Thank you to our hardworking team of social workers!

Want to check out a video? Go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pRnQ0zh_Aig

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