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Our Why

Mission – Why we exist

To spread hope and happiness

Vision – How we do it

By honouring the human face of health care

Values – What we believe in

  • We are collaborators
  • We see possibility everywhere
  • We believe in the power of people, families and their communities

In Action

Our Showcase Space

In 2015-16, we created a Hope and Happiness showcase at our corporate office in Markham. The 2,000-square foot installation features some of Saint Elizabeth’s most powerful and innovative initiatives, including Elizz, Canada’s go-to-place for all things caregiving, and our award-winning Hope and Happiness campaign that is inspiring a global movement. This video shows the creation and build out of the space. Want to see it up close? Connect with us to arrange a tour.

Hope and Happiness


At Saint Elizabeth, spreading hope and happiness is part of our culture. To celebrate all the special things our staff do for people and families, we launched a national Hope and Happiness movement that is sparking change, touching lives and making many people smile. We wanted Hope and Happiness to be more than our mission – we wanted it to impact the lives of people and communities.

To start this movement, we reached out to our staff who do so much every day for clients and families in the community, and we presented each person with $25 and challenged them to pay it forward with personal and creative acts of kindness. Not only did we inspire staff to be actively spreading Hope and Happiness, but the movement also inspired our partner Radboudumc, one of the leading academic centres for health innovation in the Netherlands, is replicating the Hope and Happiness campaign with its 14,000 employees.

We’ve built Hope and Happiness into everything that we do - in May 2016, we celebrated our first annual Hope and Happiness Week – where 100 leaders spent a day in the field, engaging with front-line staff, patients and families, and experiencing our care and impacts firsthand. We look forward to many years ahead of us in spreading Hope and Happiness, in new and meaningful ways!

A Girl Named Elizabeth

In 2014, we set out to tell our story in a fun and creative way. Working with an animation studio, we created a cartoon starring our namesake Elizabeth – a true trailblazer who spreads hope and happiness well beyond health care. Watch the Elizabeth cartoon.

Vision Song

In 2010, Saint Elizabeth employees shared personal reflections on our vision, which inspired the creation of a song by Canadian composer Brian Tate. Employees from across the country gathered to perform the song and record our very own music video. The process stretched and energized people’s understanding and imagination of our vision. Watch the music video.

The Story of the Rose


Saint Elizabeth Health Care is named after St. Elizabeth of Hungary, an aristocrat in the 13th century who dedicated her life to helping the poor and sick over the objections of her family.

According to legend, after administering to the poor one day, Elizabeth was returning home with leftover loaves of bread under her cloak when she encountered a family member who asked what she was carrying. When she opened her cloak, the bread transformed into red roses.

Pope Gregory IX canonized Elizabeth four years after her death.

Saint Elizabeth is a member agency of Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Toronto.


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